Hilltop Speedway




These rules and regulations will apply to all racing classes at Hilltop Speedway events. Hilltop Speedway official shall have full authority over all events. At the discretion of the official (s) in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rules violation, hazardous equipment or actions.


All vehicles are subject to inspections by an official at any time. Approval of the participants race vehicle; or other equipment; by an official Inspector shall mean only that the vehicle is approved for participation in a competitive event, and shall not be constructed in any way to mean or imply that the vehicle is guaranteed to be mechanically sound or safe. Be it further known that neither Hilltop Speedway nor its Officials shall be held liable for any mechanical failure or fitness; nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from the same.


Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS.


Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be consumed by driver or their pit crews prior to, or during an event. Use, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs at any time can be cause for immediate and/or indefinite suspension along with legal action.


All drivers under (18) years of age; proof of age is required. Must have signed and notarized consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Said document shall be in possession of the Hilltop Speedway before participation in any event.


All cars are subject to inspection before competing in any event. Top five (5) cars after the event are required to stop in designated inspection area. If found illegal, you will forfeit all money and awards for that night.


Failure to furnish a social security number, or providing a false social security number, will result in a $500 fine to the participant, and possible legal action by IRS.


Any driver, owner, pit crew, or anyone associated with a car that enters the scoring tower or flag stand will lose pay for the evening, be fined $100 and have a two (2) week suspension.


Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway may result in permanent suspension at the track.


Hilltop Speedway reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Hilltop Speedway's decisions are final!


All drivers competing must provide one scorer for scoring purposes.

******2014 4 cyl enduro rules******
Go to www.hilltopspeedway.com click on mini stock link to view mini stock rules. 2 small exceptions-
NO roll cage required
any stock 4 cyl car or truck




*****MINI VAN RULES********

ELIGIBLE MODELS: Any domestic or foreign 4 or 6 cylinder front or rear wheel drive mini van. No four wheel drives or AWD




Bodies must be straight, sound, and OEM stock steel only and remain in the original location on the frame. Rubber body mounts must be used, no cutting, chopping, shortening or lowering.

All exterior trim and moldings must be removed.


No Rub rails


Must have 3 bars minimum in front window area in front of drivers head, screen optional


All interior sheet metal used for patching, covering or cosmetic purposes will be minimum 20-gauge steel.


Body must match engine manufacturer: Ford-to-Ford, GM-to-GM, Mopar-to-Mopar, etc…


GRILLES: Any plastic grills must be removed.


ROOFS AND ROOF SUPPORTS: All metal bracing in the roof and roof supports must remain in place. No lowering of roof allowed.




Stock fenders and inner fender wells must remain in place unaltered.


Hood latches must be removed and replaced with quick release hood pins.


No open hood scoops allowed.




Doors must be welded shut or bolted shut with a minimum of 3 bars inside driver’s door.




Rear quarter panels and inner fenders must remain unaltered.



No reinforcing of frame permitted.




Roll cages are not mandatory but highly recommended.




Interior must be completely gutted. All flammable material must be removed.


Firewalls must be left in OEM stock location.


Air Bags must be removed.


Radios and Antennas must be removed.


NO rear view mirrors of any kind permitted.


If the battery is mounted in the driver’s compartment it must be securely mounted in a manner that will not allow it to leak or dislodge in an accident.

ALL cars MUST have an approved fire extinguisher securely mounted within reach of the driver.

All glass must be removed and a minimum of 3 bars in windshield area protecting driver.



The engine must have a working starter and a stock type ignition.


Engine must be OEM stock for make, model and year.

No porting, polishing, acid dipping, or balancing.


Manufacturer's performance parts are not allowed. All engine parts must be OEM stock or stock replacement passenger car parts only.


Oil pan must be stock appearing.


Intake manifold must be OEM stock for make and model.  Aluminum allowed if car came equipped with one.  Absolutely no modifications.

Timing belt/chain must remain OEM stock.


All pulleys must remain stock OEM.


Smog pumps and Alternator may be removed.


Water pump OEM stock or replacement.


Ignition must be OEM or OEM stock replacement. No after-market electronics.


Fuel system must be OEM stock for make and model and meet exact stock factory specifications. Fuel injected cars may not have a cold start or fifth injector working, must be removed and plugged. No added vacuum lines to the throttle bodies.


Stock OEM carburetor or stock OEM fuel injection for make and model.


Air cleaners must be STOCK and are mandatory.  No holes in hood.


The engine must be in stock location.


All cylinder heads must be conventional stock heads.  Must be stock OEM for make, model and year.

Valve job must remain and meet stock factory specifications. No exceptions. No after market or swirl polishes allowed. OEM stock valve springs only.


Camshafts replacement camshafts are allowed but must meet stock OEM specifications.


Rocker arms must be stock OEM for make and model.


Crankshaft must be OEM stock for make and model. No lightening, milling or balancing. No modifications.


Pistons and Rod must remain OEM stock for make and model of car.  No modifications or machining. All parts must maintain stock specifications. No Heron pistons.


Any stock OEM or aftermarket radiator, Radiator support brackets may be fabricated. Radiator Must Remain in stock location. May use racing type coolant, antifreeze is not allowed.


All cars must be equipped with a fan shroud, may be fabricated.




Fuel cell is optional, 15 gallon maximum.


Factory gas tank in factory location ok




All drive train components must be in OEM stock location; mounts must be stock or stock replacement.


Shifting levers - Stock only. No modifications.


Flywheels, clutch disc, and pressure plates shall all remain stock or stock replacement for make and model. All units completely assembled must weigh within 3 lbs. of stock units.  No lightening, turning or drilling allowed.


Drive shaft and axles - Stock OEM for make and model. No aluminum or lightweight shafts or axles allowed.


Front wheel drive - Must remain original stock OEM.  No modifications.



Rear ends must be OEM stock for make and model


Parts may be interchanged according to the Hollanders Interchange Book. If Hollanders says it can be interchanged, you may use it. All other bolt on parts must be in OEM stock location.


Ground clearance - Factory Stock specifications the ground at the very flat bottom side of the rocker panel. No modifications to rocker panels.




DOT Street Tires only.  7" maximum width.


No snow tires allowed.


Steel or Aluminum rims permitted.  7" maximum width. No racing wheels.


Wheel weights are not permitted.  Immediate disqualification.




MUST be equipped with operational four-wheel braking system.

Stock four wheel hydraulic brakes required. No modifications allowed. No welding or modifying for disc brakes.


Stock master cylinders only.




NO "in-cockpit driver controlled" suspension devices permitted. NO weight jacks of any kind permitted. This includes fifth [5th] coils, etc.. ANY driver using "in-cockpit driver controlled" suspension devices or weight jacks WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM COMPETITION!




Factory exhaust manifolds only.




Long sleeve shirt pants and gloves are required.




ALL cars MUST be in good operational condition and be presentable in appearance, subject to the judgment of the inspection officials.


Bumpers must be stock and cannot be reinforced.  Bumpers must be fastened to fenders or quarter panels (tied in).


Car numbers must be a minimum of 18” high on the doors and roof or rear deck. Do not use reflective colors. Duplicate numbers are not permitted. Drivers are responsible for making sure that the numbers are legible for score keeping.


No wings or tunnels of any type permitted.


No one shall be allowed to ride on or in the car as a passenger on the track at any time.


"Tow hooks" are MANDATORY.