Hilltop Speedway


Colton St John 1231
Edwin Geary 1128
Jerry Adkins 1026
Tony Mullinnex 1023
Tyler Parsons 958
Nova Martin 939
Tim Workman 923
Jeff Tatro 776
Kevin Markey 740
Nathan Rhodes 670
Matt Miller 625
Brad Workman 618
Michael Rose 589
Kendra St. John 574
Rob Durbin 554
John Ohse 490
Cory Mills 438
Darrick Davis 398
Greg Thompson 366
Dustin Regan 338
Sidney Rowe 272
Richard Retton 268
Zach Chaffin 268
Dakota McIntire 226
Jeff Schneider 212
John Riehl 196
Billy Parsons 190
Ray Aronholt 184
Dale Beckett 179
Cody Shane 164
Samantha St. John 158
Blaine Markey 152
Dan Severt 152
Joey Bateson 142
Dan Blaker 120
Doug Hensel 90
Jason St. John 88
Rod Daugherty 88
Mike Coleman 84
Mike Worthy 82
Cory Staley 76
JT Mencer 76
Michael Stewart 72
Rob Harstine 72
Dale Bateson 70
Mike Beckert 66
JR Kinder 66
Richard Watson 62
Tony Cline 62
Elliott Robinson 58
Don Rufener III 50
Pauly Hess 50
Shane Mitchell 50





  Raceivers and Transponders are Mandatory.  Transponders must be 72 to 74 inches back from the front bumper.

These rules and regulations will apply to all racing classes at Hilltop Speedway events. Hilltop Speedway official shall have full authority over all Mini Stock events. At the discretion of the official (s) in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rules violation, hazardous equipment or actions.

        All vehicles are subject to inspections by an official at any time. Approval of the participants race vehicle; or other equipment; by an official Inspector shall mean only that the vehicle is approved for participation in a competitive event, and shall not be constructed in any way to mean or imply that the vehicle is guaranteed to be mechanically sound or safe. Be it further known that neither Hilltop Speedway nor its Officials shall be held liable for any mechanical failure or fitness; nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from the same.

        Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS. Consequences for unsportsmanlike  may be but are not limited to suspension,no pay, no points and legal action.

 Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be consumed by driver or their pit crews prior to, or during an event. Use, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs at any time can be cause for immediate and/or indefinite suspension along with legal action.

        All drivers under (18) years of age; proof of age is required. Must have signed and notarized consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Said document shall be in possession of the Hilltop Speedway before participation in any event.

 All cars are subject to inspection before competing in any event. Top five (5) cars after the feature are required to stop in designated inspection area. If found illegal you will forfeit all money and points for that night. If found illegal a second time you will forfeit all money and points for the season and barred for not less than two (2) weeks.


    Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway may result in permanent suspension at the track and legal action. 


 Failure to furnish a social security number, or providing a false social security number, will result in a $500 fine to the participant and possible legal action by IRS. 

     Any driver, owner, pit crew, or anyone associated with a car that enters the scoring tower or flag stand will lose pay for the evening, be fined $100, and have a two (2) week suspension. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! No one is to approach the flag stand or scoring tower at any time for any reason unless told to do so by track official. 

      Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, or pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS. Consequences for unsportsmanlike conduct may be but are not limited to suspension, no pay, no points, and legal action. 

 Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway will result in immediate expulsion from the track and other disciplinary actions pending an investigation up to and including permanent suspension at the track and legal action.  Entering into other people’s pits for confrontation purposes is strictly prohibited.  If confrontation in another person’s pit area leads to a physical altercation, the person entering another person’s pit area in anger with intent to confront will be disciplined.

        Hilltop Speedway reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Hilltop Speedway's decisions are final!


raceivers and transponders are mandatory

Every week (3) drivers will be selected to be tech inspectors. They will report any rule violations to head tech person for discussion and further actions.





Any domestic or foreign four-cylinder front or rear wheel drive sedan or coupe with a stock wheelbase between 84" - 106".

No four wheel drives, pickups, mini vans, two-seat sport cars or mid engine cars.

No Turbo, superchargers, or rotary powered cars.

Wheelbase must match car model.



Bodies must be straight, sound, and OEM stock steel only and remain in the original location on the frame. Rubber body mounts must be used, no cutting, chopping, shortening or lowering.


No aftermarket nose pieces.  Nose will fit body not extend below center or wheel.


All exterior trim and moldings must be removed.     


 Rub rails no bigger than 1 x 2 may be attached to body from fender well to fender well. Rub rails must be free of all sharp edges.


 Must have 3 bars minimum in front window area in front of driver’s head, screen optional.


driver’s side window net is mandatory. All glass must be removed.     


All interior sheet metal used for patching, covering or cosmetic purposes will be minimum 20-gauge steel. The only cosmetic sheet metal allowed in the driver’s compartment will be the dash area and rear firewall. All others must be pre-approved. Factory dashes must be removed for inspection and safety purposes.   


No body skirts allowed below rocker panels.


 Body must match engine manufacturer: Ford-to-Ford, GM-to-GM, Mopar-to-Mopar, etc.       



 Any plastic grills must be removed.       



All metal bracing in the roof and roof post may be removed down as far as the bottom of the windshield and side windows.





Fenders may be cut a maximum of 3” above the tire and conform to original configuration.  Inner wells may be removed on all cars without strut type front suspension. If fender wells are removed, they must be replaced with a minimum of 1½” O.D. x .090 steel tubing. Must meet tech approval. If any metal removal is done on strut type cars, top of struts must have a minimum of 1½" O.D. steel tubing attaching the two towers together.      


Hood latches must be removed and replaced with quick release hood pins. Hinges may be removed and must be replaced with quick release hood pins.    


 No open hood scoops allowed.     


Inner structure, hinges and latches may be removed. Doors must be welded shut. Doors may be fabricated with 22-gauge steel only and must be approved.    



Rear quarters may be fabricated. All homemade panel measurements must remain stock and in stock location. Track officials must approve homemade panels. 


Inner rear fender walls may be removed.  Any openings must be enclosed with minimum 20-gauge steel.  


Trunk latches must be removed and replaced with quick release hood pins. Hinges may be removed and must be replaced with quick release hood pins.


All hatch back cars - hatch must remain and be welded or bolted shut. Inner bracing may be removed.      


All Trunk lids must remain on cars.


Bumper area to trunk must remain closed.      




          Tubing is allowed around motor for safety and body mounting purposes.     

        Tubing is allowed from the center of the rear axle to the back of the car.    

        May use tubing for reinforcement and repair of original frame.  

        If a section of the stock frame is cut out it must be replaced with a stock piece of frame.      



 Roll cage is mandatory and must be constructed with a minimum of 1 1/2” O.D. x .095 thickness steel tubing.  Box tubing may be used to support the roll cage.  Full cage only.       

 The primary hoop must extend from both sides of the frame and meet the roof. 

 Side roll bars are MANDATORY and MUST extend into the door panels. Roll cage must be tide together. A bar connecting the 2 front posts directly above or below the steering column is mandatory.  

 A MINIMUM of three (3) bars MUST be used on the left side of the car. Minimum of two (2) bars on the right side of the car.  Each bar MUST be a MINIMUM of one and one-half inch (1 1/2") in diameter with a MINIMUM thickness of ninety-five thousands inch (.095").    

 An intrusion protection plate MUST be on the outside of the bars (inside the body skin) using MINIMUM 1/8" steel or MINIMUM 1/4" aluminum.  Plating to cover the ENTIRE door area from the frame rail to the top bar, front post to rear post.


 All bars near the driver must be covered with padding.    


 Roll cage MUST be above the driver's helmet.


 The entire roll cage MUST be constructed of round tubing ONLY and remain within the confines or the body.  



 Interior must be completely gutted. All flammable material must be removed.


 Firewalls must be left in OEM stock location. All cars must fabricate a firewall between driver’s compartment and fuel tank. The only alteration allowed is for installation of roll cage. Must be minimum of 20-gauge steel.     


 All window openings must remain open.


 The dash must be removed.

 Any steel wheel may be used. Outside steering column casing may be removed. Steel shaft may be used. If casing is removed, the shaft must be mounted with a heim joint. No tilt wheels.  Quick release allowed.

 Air Bags must be removed.


 Radios and Antennas must be removed.


 NO rearview mirrors of any kind permitted.   


If the battery is mounted in the driver’s compartment it must be securely mounted and covered in a manner that will not allow it to leak or dislodge in an accident.


 A properly mounted aluminum racing style seat must be used.  Seat must be on left side of car, no center steering.    


A five-point safety harness belt is required and must be fastened to cage or frame. Belts must be in good condition no tears or fraying. Driver will be given one warning to get belts replaced before the next race. The second warning, the belts must be replaced before the car will be allowed to participate in any further competition activities.  


Stock steel unaltered floor pan must be used. The only alterations to floor allowed are to repair rust and may be raised 8” from center of drive shaft tunnel to door on passenger side. Minimum 20 gauge steel. No tunnels or air ducts.


 Speaker deck - must be left OEM stock.


 ALL cars MUST have an approved fire extinguisher securely mounted within reach of the driver.        



 Factory Stock configuration only.  



 Variable timing motor allowed


 No porting, polishing, acid dipping, or balancing.     


 Manufacturer's performance parts are not allowed. All engine parts must be OEM stock or stock replacement passenger car parts only.   


Oil pan must be stock appearing.  


Intake manifold must be OEM stock for make and model.  Aluminum allowed if car came equipped with one.  Absolutely no modifications.      

No turbos no supershargers

Timing belt/chain must remain OEM stock.      


All pulleys must remain stock OEM. No aluminum pulleys.


Smog pumps and Alternator may be removed.


Water pump OEM stock or replacement. 


Ignition must be OEM or OEM stock replacement. No after-market electronics of any type.       


Fuel system must be OEM stock for make and model and meet exact stock factory specifications.


Fuel injected cars may not have a cold start or fifth injector working, must be removed and plugged. No added vacuum lines to the throttle bodies. No turbo injectors.


 Stock OEM carburetor or stock OEM fuel injection for make and model.      


 Air cleaners must be STOCK and are mandatory.  No holes in hood.  


Stock airbox must be used.


       The engine must be in stock location.     


 All cylinder heads must be conventional stock heads.  Must be stock OEM for make, model and year.  

 Valve job must remain and meet stock factory specifications. No exceptions. No after market or swirl polishes allowed. OEM stock valve springs only.  


Camshafts replacement camshafts are allowed but must meet stock OEM specifications.


Rocker arms must be stock OEM for make and model.     


Crankshaft must be OEM stock for make and model. No lightening, milling or balancing. No modifications.    

 Pistons and Rod must remain OEM stock for make and model of car.  No modifications or machining. All parts must maintain stock specifications. No Heron pistons.   


Any stock OEM or aftermarket radiator, Radiator support brackets may be fabricated. Radiator Must Remain in stock location. May use racing type coolant, antifreeze is not allowed.    


All cars must be equipped with a fan shroud, may be fabricated.


Cast iron exhaust manifolds only. Absolutely no headers.



 Fuel cell is optional, 15 gallon maximum.


 A firewall MUST be installed between the fuel tank and driver's compartment.     


Gasoline fuels only, no alcohol or other fuels allowed.       


Tank or Cell must be securely fastened in the trunk of car to the frame or cage.  


If fuel lines are run through inside of car, they must be inside of metal conduit.   



 All drive train components must be in OEM stock location; mounts must be stock or stock replacement.     


Transmissions must be OEM stock for make and model, with all gears in working order.


welding of differentials.  ok. 


Shifting levers - Stock only. No modifications.  


Flywheels, clutch disc, and pressure plates shall all remain stock or stock replacement for make and model. All units completely assembled must weigh within 3 lbs. of stock units.  No lightening, turning or drilling allowed. No aluminum flywheels


Drive shaft and axles - Stock OEM for make and model. No aluminum or lightweight shafts or axles allowed.


 Front wheel drive - Must remain original stock OEM.  No modifications.      



 Strut towers - front may be modified for caster and camber only. No modification to lower the cars.   


Shocks / Struts - stock OEM or stock replacement only. No altering to make shock or struts fit.


No adjustable shocks or struts. One shock per wheel.       


Springs - OEM Stock, must fit in stock mounts and stock locations; no modifications.     


Spring rubbers are permitted.


A-frames, Trailing arms, and Steering components - must be OEM stock for make and model.       Tow hooks on front and rear


Sway bars must be OEM stock for make and model, and remain in OEM stock location. No modification to mounts or links.    


Suspension bushings must be stock or stock replacement, made of rubber or neoprene. No metal or eccentric bushings allowed.      


Rear ends must be OEM stock for make and model  


Parts may be interchanged according to the Hollanders Interchange Book. If Hollanders says it can be interchanged, you may use it. All other bolt on parts must be in OEM stock location.    


Ground clearance - Factory Stock specifications the ground at the very flat bottom side of the rocker panel. No modifications to rocker panels. 


Front Frame Horn may be replaced with minimum of 2”x 3” .120 box steel tubing from the front spring pocket forward to front bumper.  


Rear Frame Horn may be replaced with minimum of 2” x 3” .120 box steel tubing from the rear spring pocket back to rear bumper.



 DOT Street Tires only.  


 No snow only type tires are not permitted examples of these are (Winterforce, Blissacks, Ice guards, etc)  


 Steel or Aluminum rims permitted.  7" maximum width.  . Must be an OEM Wheel.      


Wheel weights are not permitted.  Immediate disqualification.   


Absolutely no wheels spacers



 MUST be equipped with operational four-wheel braking system.


Stock four wheel hydraulic brakes required. No modifications allowed. No welding or modifying for disc brakes.    


Stock master cylinders only. 



 NO "in-cockpit driver controlled" suspension devices permitted. NO weight jacks of any kind permitted. This includes fifth [5th] coils, etc.. ANY driver using "in-cockpit driver controlled" suspension devices or weight jacks WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM COMPETITION!



 An approved racing helmet is REQUIRED.  Snell SA-95 or better.      


 Fire resistant driving uniforms are REQUIRED. Fire resistant gloves and shoes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  


Kill switch must be mounted in the dash area LEFT of the steering column, clearly labeled and accessible from outside the vehicle. 



 ALL cars MUST be in good operational condition and be presentable in appearance, subject to the judgment of the inspection officials.


 Bumpers must be stock and can be reinforced. Bumpers must be fastened to fenders or quarter panels (tied in).       


Car numbers must be a minimum of 18” high on the doors and roof or rear deck. Do not use reflective colors. Duplicate numbers are not permitted. Drivers are responsible for making sure that the numbers are legible for score keeping.     


No wings or tunnels of any type permitted under the car.  


No one shall be allowed to ride on or in the car as a passenger on the track at any time.       


"Tow hooks" are MANDATORY.      


"Wheel drapes" and "rear-end drapes" ARE NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME. 


Two-way radios are NOT permitted.




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